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[Review] Camera with voice capture on LG Optimus LTE2

Okay, this feature and phone might be out of date 😀 but anyhow as I’m moved and living in South Korea now, I have the chance to try Korean model LG optimus LTE2.
LG Optimus LTE2

During my 2 weeks using this phone what I could tell that this phone is quite fast phone for it’s price. If we look to the price segment LG LTE2 should be battle up with Samsung Galaxy S2, but how ever I with almost same price this phone could battle up with Samsung Galaxy S3.

Things that interest me the most was it’s voice command feature in camera. The camera would take picture if we say “LG”,”Kimchi“, or “Cheese”.

Check out this video for demonstration.

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Posted by on January 31, 2014 in ComputerNStuff, Review


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