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Tiramisu & Manggo

Po: “Bosbes, since mas riyanto is late please replace him to lead the meeting”
Me: “Yaish.. Dian is senior enough to lead the meeting :D”
All: “♫♪ Happy birthday to you….. ♬”
Yay… it’s a birthday bash for me & Gunawan (one of our freshman, which coincidentally has the same birth date) 😀
And we got 2 cakes yippie 😀
Tiramisu & Manggo

Happy cake eating 😀

Yeah.. most of team member are freshman now 😀

And the cake ends with hoka2 bento 😀

Special Thanks to : Po, Titie, Faida, Dian, Ester, Riyanto, Susaf, Wanda, Aulia, Sindy, Yoseph 🙂


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