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Premium hanya untuk….

“Premium adalah BBM bersubsidi, Hanya untuk golongan tidak mampu”

Ya.. itu adalah slogan yang sedang di gembar-gemborkan oleh pertamina sejak beberapa bulan lalu.

Nah meski sudah beberapa bulan tp baru semalam saya isi bensin premium dengan sedikit disindir sm penjaganya.
A: Saya
B: Petugas

B: Malam pak, Isi berapa?
A: 150rb deh mas.
B: Pertamax plus ya?
A: Oh, premium saja mas
B: Premium? (dengan wajah sedikit ngenyek…)
A: Iya premium
B: Oh kirain pertamax plus….

Hehehe… But What The Hell….
Wong isi premium aja sbulan duit bensinnya bisa beli Galaxy Mini plus pulsanya 😀
(yea.. gitu kok ngimpi punya SUV :p)
Tinggal tunggu premium jadi haram aja nih…

Karena gak sempat moto jadi foto diambil dari sini 😀


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7 Keys for building Great Work Place

Berhubung lagi banyak yang resign akhir-akhir ini di kantor, tanpa sengaja saya menemukan artikel yang disadur dari buku
“The 7 Keys to an Emotionally Intelligent Organization” by Steven J. Stein.

Iseng-iseng share dan semoga artikel ini berguna bagi yang membaca/mengimplementasikannya 😀

7 Keys for building Great Work Place

Key #1: Hire capable people who love the work they do and show them how they contribute to the bigger picture.
Job Happiness: It’s more than the employee just being satisfied with his or her job. Organizations must better understand what connects people to their work. First, you need to hire the right people. Second, you have to ensure the right person is doing the right job. Now there are new approaches to getting the right fit. While job interviews and tests for interest, aptitude, and personality are traditional ways of matching people to jobs, we will explore emotional skills as part of the new formula. Finally, people need to see the bigger picture—how they contribute not only to the organization, but to their community, society, or the world.

Key #2: Compensate people fairly.
Compensation: It’s not just what workers get for their work; it’s how fairly they feel they’re being treated. Feelings of fairness override how much people get paid. I’ve seen teenage professional athletes who scoffed at their first contract—more than $600,000 for a season of playing hockey. Compare that to the man in his forties I met cleaning litter at a Disney park. He told me how much he loved his job, even though his pay was only slightly more than minimum wage.
Organizations need a clear, fair, and well-articulated compensation system. People want to know that they’ve been dealt with in a personal and just way.

Key #3: Don’t overwork (or underwork) people.
Work/Life Stress Management:
No, not just the employee’s—the organization’s. Organizations can benefit from paying attention to proper work-life balance in their people. Manageable workloads can be done with much better quality than overloading people with more than they can handle. While we assume everyone can multi-task without limits, there are optimum amounts of work that people can process well. Just as important—don’t give people too little work because they’ll get bored.

Key #4: Build strong teams with shared purpose and viable goals.
Organizational Cohesiveness:
Work has become too complex for the “lone wolf” approach. An organization needs to foster strong interpersonal relationships among its people. While it’s easy to sit back and say, “These are adults, let them figure out how to work together,” this approach won’t maximize performance. You need the right people working together in teams with common goals and a purpose. The right mix of strengths, weaknesses, skills and abilities in people together with concrete outcomes for performance will lead to success.

Key #5: Make sure managers can manage.
Supervisory Leadership:
What does it take to be a good supervisor? Many organizations have not grasped the fact that more people leave their jobs because they have not received the proper support and leadership from their manager than any other reason. After all we’ve supposedly learned about managing, companies still promote top performers—whether in technical or sales positions—into management positions, whether or not they’re the right people, and with little or no preparation.
Being a great salesperson does not predict how well you will manage five other salespeople. Likewise for engineers, computer programmers, shop-floor workers, financial analysts, technical writers, accountants, marketers, and so many other occupations. Managing people requires specific sets of skills.
First, you need to select the right people to manage. It’s not for everyone. Often your best salesperson is better off—and should remain—as a top salesperson. The challenge is to creatively avoid the seduction of moving her or him “up the corporate ladder” into management.
Second, once you’ve identified potential managers, you need to train them in management. Managers require specific sets of skills. These include the ability to read people well, understand what motivates them, and communicate clearly—knowing how and when to deliver good news as well as bad news. Providing appropriate feedback requires managers to be more of a coach or mentor and less authoritarian or critical. Managing also requires numerous administrative skills such as organization and time-management abilities.

Key #6: Treat people with respect and leverage their unique talents.
Diversity and Anger Management:
Smart companies use diversity to leverage their products and services while at the same time gauge the underlying mood of their people. Diversity-friendly workplaces can be very productive. People who are open to differences learn more from others. People from different cultures bring different views and opportunities to the table when solving problems. Also, in this global economy, they give you better perspectives on what it takes for you to be successful in other parts of the world.
Organizations must be vigilant for signs of racial and gender tension, foster an accepting climate, and have the tools to defuse anger before it worsens into violence. If you’re lucky, anger seeping into an organization can be like a slow leak in a tire, or a fuse on a stick of dynamite if you’re not. Bad moods permeate the organization and sabotage mental energy and work outputs. You would be amazed at how creative some people are at sabotaging the workplace.

Key #7: Be proactively responsive by doing the right things to win the hearts and minds of your people.
Organizational Responsiveness:
An organization that is responsive to its people builds the company’s brand. What do employees feel and think about the organization they work for? In order to win the hearts and minds of its people, organizations must offer training, encourage innovation, nurture optimism, promote honesty and integrity, demonstrate courage to make changes and adapt, and provide support in meeting needs and gaining trust.


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Oleh – oleh training (1)

Dua hari terakhir ini saya mendapat training dikantor.
Ya isinya sih gak jauh-jauh dari motivasi dan bagaimana bersikap dalam bekerja.

“Karyawan dapat dikatakan karyawan yang baik adalah karyawan yang meringankan pekerjaan atasannya, dan kalau anda tidak bisa meringankan pekerjaan mereka untuk apa mereka memiliki anda?”

Ada beberapa point-point yang cukup menarik untuk di share tp karena hari ini saya cukup sibuk satu point dulu aja kali ya 😀


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Fixie (Fix Gear), Tren yang akhir-akhir ini digandrungi (halah) sebagian remaja di ibukota jakarta.
Gue sendiri sempat pengen bikin, walaupun lately udah gak kepikiran lagi :p
Well anyway, this is my brother Fixie bike…

Bermodalkan frame sepeda balap bekas, di repaint and diperbaharui sana sini..
overall cost <$250 (still… its expensive for me 😀 )

Tp kynya seli (sepeda lipat) yg ky dibawah ini lebih asik kali ya? 😀


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Winter Sports

Actually I just re-directing picture from here 🙂
Tapi seandainya saya bisa ketemu kesempatan untuk bertemu winter lagi.
I would dare myself to try this one!! 😀

A man dives into the icy water in St. Petersburg, Russia, January 30, 2011. The temperature in St. Petersburg was around -3C (27 F). (AP Photo/Dmitry Lovetsky)

Members of a winter swimming club jump on an embankment to heat up before getting into the icy waters of the Yenisei River, with the air temperature at about -13 C (8.6 F), in the town of Divnogorsk, Russia January 28, 2011. (REUTERS/Ilya Naymushin)

A swimmer takes to the frigid waters of Orankesee Lake during the 27th annual “Winter Swimming in Berlin” January 8, 2011 in Berlin. Members claim ice swimming is good for the body’s blood circulation. (Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Winter swimmers paddle in a partially ice-covered swimming pool in Changzhi, China January 3, 2011. (REUTERS/Stringer)

Nenek-nenek aja masih kuat lho… 😀
Yvonne Woods, 85, holds her towel after competing in the UK Cold Water Swimming Championships at the Tooting Bec Lido in London January 22, 2011. (REUTERS/Kieran Doherty)

PS: This post is specially untuk para rekan-rekan di kantor yang dikit-dikit merasa kedinginan kalo AC dikantor ‘bekerja dengan baik’ 🙂


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Crying baby :(

Dan kurasa si yaris pun menangis ketika moncongnya bersinggungan dengan vios putih itu 😦


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New Years Goals

Ya ya ya..
Cukup lama sudah blog ini terabaikan… 😀
Well setelah kembali lagi.. I’m bored to write in english..
So from now on, i’ll just follow my heart and write it whether in english or indonesian 😀

Pada awal tahun ini saya pun sudah membuat beberapa resolusi atau goals2 saya di tahun 2011..
Dan mari kita buka beberapa goals tersebut disini 😀

1. Religion
– Solat subuh sebelum matahari terbit :p , karena selama ini seringnya solat subuh jam 6++ (ya meningkat sih, jaman ngekos 7++ malah :p )
– Menghafal…. (menghafal ulang tepatnya :p ) minimal 7 surat, biar kalo solat gak itu-itu aja bacaannya 😀

2. Financial, Savings, Wealth, & Properties
– Memiliki Total personal income double digit 🙂
– Punya sumber keuangan lebih dari 1 (intinya selain dari job utama ini lah..)
– Membeli rumah bertanah, atau sedan eropa, atau 7 seater car tanpa harus jual rumah/mobil yg lama 😀 (karena ini variablenya gak mungkin tercapai 33nya jadi pake atau :p)

– Sukses MenTTkan RX-King + FXR –> 1 motor yg usianya lebih belia
– Punya speda lipat ato fixie jg boleh deh 😀
– Masang TV di mobil biar bs nonton bola ato berita kl lagi macet 😀
– Profit reksadana selama 1th = 1 basic salary per januari 2011
– Buy a new laptop/netbook

3. Bussiness & Career
– Yg ini gak usah di bahas disini lah ya :p

4. Relationship, Social, & Family
– Mampu memenuhi semua kebutuhan dasar rumah tangga <– hmm… saya blom nemu sih parameter untuk mengukur hal ini
– Bisa mengunjungi orang tua minimal 1x sbulan
– Dinner / Lunch with all family members minimum 1time/2months

5. Self Development & Education
– American accent english 😀
– Hafal Minimal 200 Korean words.
– Begitu juga dengan french… 200 words it is 😀
– Lebih mahir memasak, minimal menguasai 5 resep baru di tahun ini.

6. Body & Health
– <=82 tetep… :p (which means 2-3kg/months)
– Berenang minimal 12x dalam 1th ini
– Bersepeda (dg sepeda baru :p) minimal 1x sebulan, entah itu turing ato sekedar mejeng di car free day.
– Kembali ke Gym, minimal 1x seminggu

7. Free Time & Recreation
– Visit singapore (sumpe deh gak jadi2 :D)
– Mengunjungi Malang/surabaya/madura 😉

Yosh semangat….!!!
Itu dulu kali ya gan.. udah banyak bener itu jg rasanya 😀


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