Speaktoit Assistant (Siri Killer)

12 Oct

On my previous post I was posting about Siri application which bundled on Iphone 4S
Regarding on that, while googling on Android market for Google Android phone users I found this super application named as Speaktoit Assistant

This application actually similar also with other assistant application such as vlingo or Voice talk (default apps on Samsung Galaxy SII).
In my short review of this apps things that I’ve try & works quite well:
– Send email, Text message and more like that
– Make a phone call
– Navigate using google maps.
– Do some google
– Update your facebook, tweet your tweets
– Check Wheather
– Check your schedule on google calendar
– Find restaurant (or else) near your location
– You can rename her/him, and also change her/his appearance
– He/She can remember your name
– You can just do chit chat with Her/Him by using chat features
– Do translation from english to other language
Btw I test this using Samsung Galaxy S i9000

Here are some Screenshot of this Speaktoit Assistant Application:

Watch the Video Demo :

You can download this apps on andoroid market, click here to go there
Of scan this QR code :

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