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Words that should be avoided in a job

A couple weeks ago, on our morning meeting our boss said that “I want to eliminate the words ‘maybe’”. He said that the words ‘maybe’, ‘probably’, etc makes you looks un-professional. It will make a confuses if you said it to your team member, and it will make you look incompetence if you said it to your superior.

I would agree for that and maybe there are more that I’ve always try to avoid to say it, especially to my superior.
– It’s not my job – I’ve heard this word come from my manager mouth to our director, honestly it lower my respect to my direct manager.
– It’s not my problem
– It’s not my fault
– I can’t do that simultaneously, I don’t have enough hands.
– I’m overqualified for that job
– This job is to easy, everybody can do that
– It’s Impossible
– Etc, many more…

Well I hope I can choose my words more wise in the future. 😀

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Kids & Gadget

Saya sering denger teman2 saya bicara…
“Duh anak SD jaman sekarang maenannya Blackberry, ipad, perasaan dulu g maennya petak umpet”

Dunia sudah berubah bung 😀
Alvaro & Ipad


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