Marketing Trick

23 Oct

This dialog was taken on Friday, 22th Oct 2010 at KFC Cikarang
M: Me, W: Waiter

W: What can I do for you sir?
M: I want to buy chicken
W: Would you like the promo CD & free “goceng” for rest of your life?
M: No, just chicken, 2 pieces.
W: Would you take the bucket package? It’s more economical.
M: No, just 2 chicken please.
W: Here is your chicken sir.

I open the box in order to get more ketchup, but
M: Wait, why the chicken is 1 breast & 1 leg? I want 2 breasts please.
W: If you buy 2 chickens package you’ll got the chicken as the image sir, 1 breast & 1 leg.
M: How much is the price for 2 chicken packages & how much is for 1 chicken?
W: 2 chickens is more economical sir
2ea = Rp. 19.535 before tax (which mean Rp. 21.488 after tax)
1ea = Rp. 10.000 before tax (which mean Rp. 22.000 after tax if you buy it for two)
M: So you are saying if I give you this 500 rupiah coins I can switch my leg into breast right?
W: Ummm.. yes sir.

Nice trick, but I’m just not buying it 😀

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