Even an elementary boy can do better

16 Oct

Yaps, that’s the sentence that keep running in my head few weeks ago.

About a month ago, my boss requested me to support some presentation materials for his presentation for upcoming VIP guest. Unfortunately there was a miss understanding about his orders, I thought that he is only requesting the raw data and he’ll do the rest.

After submitting some emails, he called me and
Boss: Who made this?
Me: I did.
Boss: Yaish… an elementary boy can do better than this, you are a manager, why did you make this slide as if you are an elementary boy?
Me: I’m sorry Boss, I though you only need the raw data’s.

Since then I do browsing and learn much about making a presentation. So here are some tips that I found in the internet 🙂
– Don’t use font smaller than 24 pt (but I did not obey this, I use minimum 12 :p).
– Don’t use italics, it’s hard to read.
– Use less than 8 words per line.
– Don’t use all caps except for titles.
– Use images or videos to make your audience interested and curious about the content of your slides.
– Don’t let audiences read your presentation, make them listens.
– Practice and practice, even Steve jobs do few days trials before he present his presentation.
– And before presenting don’t forget to have enough food, toilet, and pray. 🙂
– Do more browsing in the internet (because my tips is just nothing hahaha..)

So let’s enjoy Steve jobs presentation for more presentation kick ass 🙂

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One response to “Even an elementary boy can do better

  1. nyumnyun

    October 16, 2010 at 7:55 pm

    so you nailed it, didn’t you? 😉


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